Covid-19 Check-Out/Departure Testing

Dear Guests,

Thank you for choosing The Atrium Resort in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Many states/provinces/countries worldwide now require their citizens/residents to have a negative Covid-19 test within a certain time frame prior to boarding their return flight home.

Depending on your home state/country, some places may accept an antigen/rapid test. There are several locations in Providenciales which offer antigen/rapid testing. The full list is available for viewing at our front desk. One center offers online appointment bookings, which can be viewed by clicking the button below:

For Covid-19 PCR nasal swab testing, please note that ACCU Diagnostics offers Covid-19 testing at their office, which is located at the Graceway IGA Plaza on Leeward Highway in Providenciales (C101 Cabot House). Alternatively, they can come to The Atrium Resort for an additional travel fee and collect test samples onsite at the property.

For more information, including pricing, turnaround time for test results, and scheduling of appointments, please contact ACCU Diagnostics directly. Their contact information can be viewed by clicking the button below:

*Disclaimer: Please note that The Atrium Resort is not affiliated with any specific laboratory/medical clinic (including ACCU Diagnostics) and does not make any guarantees or warranties in terms of the services they advertise, offer and provide.

In the event that a guest tests positive within 3 days before their departure, we will offer an extension of stay at the guest’s/traveler’s expense and try our best to do so at special/discounted rates, subject to availability. It is recommended for travelers to obtain travel medical insurance which covers Covid-19 related expenses, such as cost of quarantine.

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